How to create a “Product add-ons” offer

1- To access the feature, From the app’s admin page, click on “Create offer” and select “Product add-ons” widget type.

2- Click on the “Demo Store” button to access our demo and see a demonstration of how to use this offer type. Additionally, to learn more about creating “Product add-ons” offers from scratch, click on the “Help Video” button. For more in-depth information, we will provide detailed guidance on creating a “Product add-ons” offer in this document.

3- An offer comprises “trigger” products and “offer” products. A trigger product is the primary product the customer intends to buy. The trigger product’s page will display the add-ons offer. In the display section, you can determine where the bundle will appear.

If you offer multiple add-ons for the same trigger product(s), please note that only the most recently modified add-on will be displayed in your store. Any other add-ons will not appear.

Hint:When you create a product add-ons offer with ‘All products’ as the trigger, it takes higher priority than other add-ons offers. Keep this in mind. This is because the ‘All products’ trigger includes all products in the store, making it a more broad and comprehensive trigger.

When you create a product add-ons offer with the ‘All products’ trigger, it will be displayed on all product pages in your store without considering available product add-ons offers, until you create a new product add-ons offer with a different trigger or modify the existing one.

4- Supplementary items associated with the trigger product(s) constitute offer products. Both the trigger and offer products must be currently in stock and available for purchase on the online store. To adjust the order of the offered products, you can use the drag and drop tools provided.

5- When creating a product add-ons offer, you have the option to set it up without any discount. Alternatively, you can apply a “percentage” or “fixed amount” discount for the offer. If you select the percentage discount type, the discount will be applied to each item included in the offer. However, if you choose the fixed amount discount type, the discount value you have set will be applied to the total price. You have the option to apply the selected fixed amount discount to every item available in an order.

6- When creating an offer, you’ll need to choose a title and heading. The title is for your own reference and won’t be visible to your customers. The heading, however, sits atop the FBT widget in your online store, so selecting something descriptive and attention-grabbing is crucial. You can choose from a selection of suggested headings provided by Extensel, or create your own custom heading to make it more personalized to your brand.

7- At the end you can set a start and end date for the offer. When you have set all the required fields, click the ‘create’ button to establish the offer. By doing this you will transfer to the “offers” page and will find the created offer in the offers table. You can use the preview link to verify if the product add-ons widget appears correctly. If you do not see the widget or if the styling has some issues please contact our support and we’ll help out. 

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