How to create a Buy X Get Y Offer

1-To access the feature, go to the app’s admin page. Click “Create offer” and choose “Buy x Get y” as the widget type.

2- Click ‘Demo Store’ to see how this offer type works.

3- Here you have to define two sets of products:

1 ) Products the customer buys (x)
2) Products the customer gets (Y)

If a customer meets the first set (X) requirement, they’ll receive a discount on the second set (Y) products. You can Offer discounts on Category Y when customers buy two or more items from Category X.

4- Specify the type and amount of discount that you want to assign to products the customer gets (Y). You can choose among three discount types:

5- When creating an offer, you’ll need to choose a title and heading. The title is for your own reference and won’t be visible to your customers.

The heading appears at the top of the ‘Buy X Get Y’ offer widget on your online store, so it should be descriptive and attention-grabbing. You can select suggested headings from Extensell or create a custom one for a personalized brand touch.

6- At the end you can set a start and end date for the offer. When all the required fields are set, click on the “create” button to establish the offer. By doing this you will transfer to the “offers” page and will find the created offer in the offers table. You can use the preview link to verify if the widget appears correctly. If you encounter widget issues or styling problems, contact our support for assistance.

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