Maximize Sales with Extensell’s Upsell Power

We help you increase your Average Order Value (AOV) through upsell in different ways:

1. One-click post purchase upsell

In today’s business landscape, rising acquisition costs make maintaining profitability per sale increasingly challenging. To boost your bottom line, encourage customers to spend more frequently. One highly effective method to achieve this is by implementing well-timed post-purchase upsell offers.

The post-purchase offer appears after order confirmation but before the order status page. This opportune moment provides a non-intrusive way to entice customers into making additional purchases without being overly pushy. Presenting relevant and attractive offers here reminds customers of missed items from their initial purchase.

Utilize post-purchase upsells to leverage customer trust and interest, encouraging them to explore complementary or upgraded products. Enhancing immediate revenue and overall shopping experience, potentially boosting customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How to Create

2. Product & thank you page Add-ons

 These types of offers are additional features or services that can be added to a product to enhance its value and increase customer satisfaction. As a Shopify store owner, offering product add-ons can provide several advantages, including:

Increased revenue: By offering additional features or services, you can increase the value of your products and charge higher prices. This can help you generate more revenue and increase your profit margins.

Improved customer experience: Offering more options and customization enhances the shopping experience and satisfaction.

Competitive advantage: Offering product add-ons can differentiate your store from competitors and make your products more attractive to potential customers.

Cross-selling opportunities: Product add-ons offer cross-selling opportunities, aligning with customer preferences.

Better inventory management: Optimize inventory with product add-ons, selling more without increasing stock.

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product add-ons are a valuable strategy for Shopify store owners to boost revenue, enhance satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge. EXTENSELL offers product add-ons on product and thank you pages for a seamless purchasing experience.

How to Create

3. Buy X Get Y upsell offer

Buy X get Y offers can boost sales, clear inventory, and enhance customer loyalty for Shopify store owners. Offering Buy X get Y deals can attract new customers who may not have considered purchasing from your store before. This can help increase brand awareness and lead to repeat customers in the future. However, it’s important to carefully plan and execute these promotions to ensure they are profitable and sustainable for your business.

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4Frequently Bought Together

By Frequently Bought Together offers, make it more convenient and sell more by creating a list of products. Your customers will be motivated to make their cart bigger by buying a bundle of products rather than a single one.  For instance, if you sell a coffee maker, you can offer coffee grinders, cups, and beans alongside the main product. You can also add a discount to this offer, or you are free to sell without it. Adding an offer to a group sale can make it more appealing.

How to Create

5. Related products

Related product offers in a Shopify store are a way to suggest complementary or similar items to customers interested in a particular product. This type of offer can increase sales, enhance the customer experience, cross-sell and upsell products, and reduce abandoned carts. Offering more options and relevant suggestions to customers can boost satisfaction, sales of less visible products, and revenue through upselling higher-priced items.

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